Week 24 – It’s a boy…………………

Nope!  The baby’s not here yet but he sure is acting like he wants to come.

How often do we start our new people off before they are ready to be delivered.

They are all excited but they are still preemies in the non-tradiional world of MLM.


What is we:

1. Let them come full term i.e. let them be ready to face the world and all we had to do was slap them on their hinney.


2.  If they are premature and get out of the shoot early then let’s get them in an incubator so they can still thrive but in

a protected environment.


You wouldn’t throw a new born to the world but we do it all the time to a world that is hostile to possibilities, particularly the  possibility that network marketing offers.


I am going to open a prenatal MLM unit for my business.

If I can keep my new babies alive then my family will grow and grow. 

Especially if I teach them to open their own prenatal MLM unit.








Week 23 – MKAAM and False Labor

For the last three weeks my wife, who is 7 months pregnant, has had contractions.

Not so good so early in the pregnancy.  But, it made me think of my trek through MKMMA.

How many times have I thought I was about to be born anew and it didn’t pan out.

There were contractions, labor pains, and plans for a celebrations but all were false.


Why, I too easily slipped back into being what I didn’t want to be.  But, something has changed.

The week 23 MKMMA training did something.  I felt it.  It’s like I’ve turned as a baby turns before being born.


Will this be my week of new birth?  I don’t know but I feel it coming.  

Something is about to change and change big.


Will it take 26 weeks for me?  Will I be a full term MKMMA?  Will I have to be carried longer than 26 weeks?

I don’t know.  I thought I was reborn so many times only to fall back into who I am not.


I’ll let you all know when the birth happens. 



Week 22A – Two Realizations

I’ve know it for years but have just come to an understanding at a different level.

One I touched on last week, i.e. that I always pass the test but don’t always learn what’s on the test.

The big one this week is that I don’t build realtionships easily.  Other than my wife and my children there

aren’t a whole lot of people that I am really in realationship with.  Hence, my mastermind is really effective.

I’ve always stood an arms distant apart from most everyone.  I can see not only how that has hurt me but also hurt them.


How has it hurt them.  I haven’t been able to be as giving, as much of a friend, as much of a supporter as I could have been.

Because of that we all are less.


This week I really stepped up my heart for people and have practiced more the giving and love for them.

It’s made a difference.  A huge difference in how I feel about them and how I care about how they feel.


Wow!  Thanks MKMMA.




Week 21 & Week 22 – Passing the Test

It’s almost funny in a way that I didn’t get a post last week.

I thought I had. I was sure I had.  Maybe I did and didn’t hit the right button, but, regardless, it’s not there.

Maybe I was overcome by the shock of a self-discovery.

That is that I have always been very good at “passing the test.”

But, as we know from today’s school system, passing the test doesn’t mean you learn anything or at least much of anything.

How much of my life was spent just passing the test but not gleaning all that I could from the trial or the lesson.

I fear that for much of the MKMMA I have just “passed the test” or done what is necessary to stay in the progtram without fully getting the value of these incredible lesson and example of life.

If I get nothing else but know and act upon the fact I have lived just to get by, just to pass the test, to stay above the water line, to stay in the program, etc. then I’ve gotten all I need to be all that I’ve ever wanted to be.


Thanks MKMMA team.




Week 20 – What am I Pretending Not to Know?

Yuk!, Wow! Yuk! Wow!

What am I pretending not to know?What a horrible question.  What an insult to my integrity!  What a slam in all that I am.

What truth, what a deep in my gut slap at who I thought I was being.


When you honestly ask yourself that question and you honestly answer it, the answer runs deep.


What am I pretending not to know?

What am I not doing that I know I should be doing to be who I want to be?

What am I avoiding?

What am I making excuses for?

What am I ……………………………………………….


The truth is this.  We all know there is something that we need to do or could be doing that we aren’t.


A man I use to work with is a health and well being expert.  He trains doctors on how to be healthy and teach people to be healthy.

People come to him and seek advice for their heath.

He sits and listens.  Then he asks, “what are you doing now that you know you should not be doing and what is it that you are not doing that you know you should?” 


He listens to them and then he says.  “When you have stopped doing what you know you shouldn’t be doing and you’ve started doing what you know you should be doing then come back and see me.”


In essence he’s said.  What are you pretending not to know!



Week 19 – Do It Now or Die!

Do in now, do it now do it now………………………………………..etc.

That’s a thought that you have when you are prepping for a storm that may cause you to lose heat, electricity, water, net etc.

Potentially, a life threatening event.

But there are things you can do to get ready for it but you have to “do it now.”

You can’t wait until after the storm to do these things.

What if we lived our lives so that the things we want, the goals we set are like prepping for a storm?

Our forefathers did.  They had to “do it now.”  They had to plant, harvest, cut wood, can,
make food storage items for their cellars or if the didn’t, they died.

It’s long been my contention that we live in such a forgiving society that we procrastinate

because we can.

When Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to England they knew that it was going to take months for a reply.   We haven’t adjusted to the fact we can communicate at the speed of light.  We often do really need to do it now so we don’t.

But, what if we lived that we had to do it now or die.  What if we placed that much emphasis on getting done that which will increase the quality of our lives.

What if I lived as if if I didn’t do it now there would be a great cost.

In truth, there is.  How much has my procrastination cost me, my family, my children, my grandchildren and so on.


Way, way too much.




Week 18 – Thay Am, I Ain’t

Just recently watched the movie “I Am.”

Thank God I ain’t.  I ain’t swayed by their presentation of lies for truth.

We have all become such a touchy feely people.  We guage things by how we feel about them.

The media and governments use that to manupulate us and to set the world in thier order, not God’s order.

The facts presented about us thinking with our heart, the facts about us having a relationship on everything around us like the example of the yogurt reacting when the man thought or spoke positive or negative (which is why grandma’s cooking always taste better) are not new discoveries.  They are old truths that science is not proving but that the enemy of truth and righteousness have know for a long time.


How else would they be able to raise up in the eyes of the world an adulterer and con-man like Martin Luther King, or a terriorist and racist like Nelson Mandella, or any of the other snakes presented in the movie as being good and righteous.  Well they aren’t and they have cause more damage to all people, more murders, more crime, more poverty, more SIN against the Lord Jesus than can be mentioned.


But, it does prove the point of the movie about movements, that people can affect change.  But be wary.  That movement or change may not be for the good of the people nor for the good of the world.